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Today, 7 April 2017 Argo Ventures Digital Ltd. is making one year!

Who are Argo Ventures Digital Ltd?

The name came from the Greek mythology. Argo is the name of the ship that carried Jason and the Argonauts through a series of adventures to the mystical Golden fleece.

Argo Ventures Digital is a digital agency providing Sitefinity CMS related services as development, consulting, training, performance optimization, digital marking. See more on our website:

What is it to be an entrepreneur?

If you ever wondered what it is to be an entrepreneur, in my personal experience I would define it as:

jumping into deep cold water without knowing how to swim

You either adapt and learn quickly or you draw. It sounds scary but that is why it is not for everyone. 

For a young founder, there are so many things to learn, so many paths to go, so many questions. You will learn the real meaning behind:

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift".

Every single day you will have to fight to make it for the next. Small or big challenges, sleepless nights, and a lot of hard work should define your daily routine.

Then why doing it?

The answer is long and strongly individual.

I wasn’t from the people who woke up every day with the cup of coffee confident in success, determined and full of energy. It is part of my personality to question myself every day in my actions. That led me taking decisions turned in 180 degrees just in a day.

For me life followed its own stages allowing me to learn from many places to end up where I am. It might sound a cliché but each time I had to choose, I always grabbed the long hard way instead of the easy one. This let me test myself, my will, my motivation, my skills and made me better than I was yesterday.

Starting from the Sitefinity team in Telerik, I passed a long path learning so many things not only about coding and technologies but also corporate culture and working atmosphere. I made great friends and found inspiration in so many places. I would always feel sentimental about Telerik as it made me who I am today.

Later by being a Technical Lead in another digital agency, I understood that management is not trivial. You are either a born leader or you learn to be one. Even having the perfect team of professionals, it is in your hands to motivate them, praise or criticize them and make the work to be not only a boring obligation but everyday adventure.

With already 4+ years’ experience with Sitefinity, being a technical trainer and developer, from personal perspective, I could have chosen the Sitefinity consultancy path and travel the whole world. Imagine the different cities and culture, international cuisine, hotels and interesting people that I could have met. Although it sounds really tempting and right for my skills, that is not a thing that could fulfill me for a long-term period. What if I can still do that but include the satisfaction of making something that will help others be at the same crossroad as me?

Argo came up as a native opportunity for me to start with my own team and dive deep into the entrepreneurship world. My dream of Argo is to create a very friendly environment, an incubator full of young and motivated people, eager to make the internet a better place.

Lessons learned

Learning is a lifetime process. Try to learn new language, play tennis, swimming and in a year, you would be far away from where you’ve started. It is the same in business. Here are some of the lessons that we’ve learned in 1 year:

1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

As every human being we all make mistakes. There are so many qualities that you need to possess as a leader of a company – personal skills, empathy, business skills, technology competence, fast-minded personality, etc. How many people that you admire you can point having all of these? Then why you expect to have them all in you by birth? Test different approaches and trust your intuition. Failures are a lesson, not a step back.

2. Be adaptive

Only dead fish go with the flow

I read somewhere that one thing that will always differ us from machines is our adaptability. We all have it in us but it is up to us to use it. Look around yourself, ask proper questions, think outside the situation, put emotions aside and get things done.

3. Transfer knowledge

No matter how hard you are working or how many things you know, if you don’t pass this over to your team, you will never make progress. Trust your team, learn to rely on them and help them evolve.

4. Let it go

As a young leader and entrepreneur, I was always feeling nervous and worried if a client is not satisfied. It is like I am searching for someone’s approval. Don’t get me wrong, clients satisfaction is and always will be one of our goals, but sometimes it is not in your hands to satisfy everyone. There will always be misunderstood requirements, wrong expectations and failures. Be a little more cold-blooded, handle the situation and let it go.

What is to come?

We will continue the path that we started. We are far from where we started and even if we fail, we would look back being proud that we tried. Argo will continue spreading the knowledge and searching for new horizons to shine.


Big Thank you to all the clients and people who believed in us and supported us along the way! Big Thank you to the whole team for where we are now! We owe this all to you 😊

Success is not easy and there is no formula to gain it. Trust in your inner self, be a little stubborn, be brave, be persistent! The journey has just begun! βš“

Happy birthday Argo! πŸŽ‚ 🍸🎈

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