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How to fix Dashboard error “Access denied” when authenticating with non-admin user in Sitefinity 10.х

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Recently we came across an issue where all Backend Users except the Administrators are not able to log in Sitefinity Backend and get “Access Denied” server error when trying to authenticate. This blog post will save you hours digging into the cause of the experienced behavior and how to fix the problem preventing your backend users from doing their jobs.

The screen-shot below shows the error itself and its Stack Trace:

fix Dashboard 1

Looking into the Stack Trace we immediately get the information that there is a problem with some of the widgets, probably on the Dashboard page, because that is the first page the user sees when logging in to the Sitefinity Backend. And we also receive the information that the error is thrown by a widget which shows a licensing information on the Dashboard page. Usually the Backend users who are not administrators of the website don’t have permissions to view the website’s licensing details. When opening the Dashboard page for editing we noticed that there are two widgets displaying licensing information – “Dashboard Notifications” widget and “License expiration” widget. However, we found that the “Dashboard Notifications” widget is no longer present in the Toolbox(Dashboard section), so we decided to remove the widget from the page and use the “License expiration” widget instead. That fixed the experienced issue. (For the record, we firstly tried to set explicit permissions to the “Dashboard Notifications” widget but that didn't help).

fix Dashboard 2

 After dropping a “License expiration” widget on the Dashboard page and we also changed its permissions so that only Admin users could see it.

You may find all this information summarized below:



The reason backend users receive this error is that in Sitefinity 10.х the “Dashboard Notifications” widget, which is dropped on the Dashboard page throws a “Access denied” exception while a non-admin user authenticates in Sitefinity backend and tries to access the Dashboard. This widget shows a “Purchase renewal” link which is not allowed to be executed by non-admin users.



Access Denied


Stack Trace:


[HttpException (0x80004005): Access Denied]

at Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.Claims.ProtectedRoute.HandleItemViewNotAllowed(HttpContextBase context, String message)
at Telerik.Sitefinity.Licensing.Web.UI.LicenseRegistration.InitializeControls(GenericContainer container)
at Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.SimpleView.CreateChildControls()


Requested URL:


http:// [projectdomain] /Sitefinity/dashboard




1. Remove the “Dashboard Notifications” widget from the Dashboard page

To do that you  have two options:

1.1. Go to Administration->Backend Pages. Here click on "Ok, Continue". Navigate to Sitefinity->Dashboard->Dashboard.  Open the Dashboard page and delete the "Dashboard Notifications" widget

1.2. Scroll down the Dashboard and click on “Configure Dashboard widgets” link. This will open the Dashboard page for editing. Find and Remove the "Dashboard Notifications" widget from there.

fix Dashboard 3

Result: The backend users will be able to authenticate and access the Dashboard successfully after this change

2. If you still would like to show Licensing information only for Admin Users do the following:

2.1. Open Dashboard page for editing

2.2. Drop “Licensing Information” widget on the page

2.3. Set all permissions for this widget to “Administrators only”. To do that click on Actions menu of the widget and choose “Permissions” option.

2.4. Publish the page

Result: Sitefinity Administrators will   be able to see the Licensing information on the Dashboar and all non-administrator users won’t have this information on their Dashboard pages.


Sitefinity version where the issue is fixed:

This bug has been fixed since the internal build 10.2.6626

Sitefinity Knowledge Base Article:

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