Ajman Municipality

Municipality & Planning Department of Ajman is a government organization, specialized in providing smart government services to Ajman residents, investors & visitors. Municipality services include but are not limited to: Public Health & Environment services, Engineering Affairs Services, Lease Regulation Services, and other Smart Services

  • 13 January 2018
  • RTL, Sitefinity, SEO, Right-to-left Support, Multilingual, Government, Google Maps, Email Campaigns, Approval Workflow, Accessibility


Ajman Municipality website was a challenge in all aspects since it must follow strict security, performance, functional and presentation requirements.

Sitefinity came as the best solution for Ajman Municipality with their constant thrive for improvements of internal governmental and public processes. From now on, website visitors could be able to better interact with the government by directly submitting their feedback and emotions on special press news. On the other hand, the government receives constant and up-to-date feedback from residents, visitors and investors on different campaigns and ideas.

Since the website was first launched, visits have increased dramatically to about 5000 daily. The number of positive feedback from the poll and the Happiness indicator showed the government that Sitefinity and the innovative implementation was the exact and right approach to grab better public attention.

One of the strategic missions of the Ajman website is enabling people with disabilities to participate equally on the website and by making their browsing experience as smooth and pleasant as for every other user. Argo achieved this compatibility by enabling assistive text-to-speech technologies such as reading content with the use of ReadSpeaker third-party tool, font-size increment/decrement, high-contrast theme, having a customizable palette of accent colors to choose from and print preview option for all pages.

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  • Skills

    • 3rd party integration
    • Design
    • Back-end
    • Front-end
    • QA
    • SEO
    • Sitefinity
    • Approval Workflow
    • RTL Support
    • Multilingual
ajman testimonial

Nairouz Salah eldin Wadidi

Project Manager - Ajman Municipality

"Sitefinity helped us build a brand new user-friendly website that represents Ajman Municipality identity in a remarkable way. Our customers and visitors are happy with the results, our team satisfied working with Sitefinity, it is flexible, user friendly, easy to develop and deploy."

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