Founded in 2003, Oilex’s strategy is to use its extensive technical and commercial expertise to explore, appraise and develop unconventional petroleum resources around the Indian Ocean Rim to meet growing energy demands in the region. The Company is led by an experienced and disciplined management team who combine considerable expertise across the oil and gas sector with a deep technical understanding of conventional and unconventional resource exploration and production.

  • 31 January 2018
  • Upgrade, Sitefinity


Oilex took advantage of Sitefinity CMS from way back. With newer Sitefinity versions offering improvements in many areas, Oilex decided the time for Upgrade has come. 

However, the project was using third party Sitefinity related framework which has no newer versions released.

The client trusted Argo deep technical knowledge in the field to partially rewrite the website and deprecate the third party framework. This resulted making the website independent for future upgrades and easily extendable.   
Also, multiple improvements in content and widget structure made the website more convenient for content editors and administrators.

Live Preview
  • Skills

    • Upgrade
    • Sitefinity
    • Back-end



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