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Audiobooks: Another way to be productive and happy

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We all live in a hectic and bustle life where people still thrive to find the key to keep a good work-life balance.  As a small company and especially in services and consulting industry, all our incomes are directly connected to results and proper time management. Well let me say this once, loud and clear: we realize that there is pressure. It can be pretty intense.

Argo cares. We care. This is why we started a new initiative to support our Argonauts and give them valuable time to "get out" of the survival mode. We chose ... audiobooks!

As of July, all Argonauts have annual subscription to Storytel.

Storytel is a digital subscription service that streams audiobooks for your mobile phone. You download an app for your mobile (iPhone and Android) and create a subscription. You can stream or listen offline.

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