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The following post demonstrates expert tips and tricks, built on Argo's expertise and day-today use of Sitefinity as well as trainings that we lead for Sitefinity Developers. Constructed in interview-like manner, the Q&A is helpful for both beginners and Sitefinity developers with solid experience.

Q: Do you make changes to the build infrastructure?

⚓Argo answer: One of our clients preferred to keep the default grunt build but we did several changes to it (the website was intended to be used with Multisite environment and was required to support 3 different themes where we ended with decision that each should be a separate  Resource Package and that’s why we ended with single gruntfile.js outside of the three packages).

Q: Do you make copy of a widget template and make changes there or you make changes on the existing widget templates directly?

⚓Argo answer: This is a matter of preference but as a convention for our team (and the clients that we work with), we have the practice to never make changes on the existing widget template directly. Reason: It varies from widget to widget but for example we don’t have a single client that uses the Browse & Edit functionality and not a single client so far that uses Sitefinity comments. However we keep the original templates in case clients change their mind in future.


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